The School for Life provides first class education and re-invents the nature of schooling by ensuring modern learning and knowledge-generation. It is focused on addressing real-life problems and economic challenges by preparing young people for socially and economically responsible leadership and by investing in regional development and prosperity. Students are educated to become individuals with high social and intellectual standards and extensive entrepreneurial skills – ready to take their place in society. The School for Life leverages the concept of social entrepreneurship by incorporating aspects of business into education and by engaging students directly in projects which demonstrate the co-dependency of education, business and regional prosperity.

The School for Life concept is built on a foundation of six pillars:

It is tailor-made to regional and economic requirements and its unique approach is one of the most innovative forms of schooling worldwide.

The concept of School for Life has been classified by the UNESCO as “a much needed world class innovative effort in the field of education” and “new standard of educational excellence for the world community of the 21st century”.

Make a difference!

The School for Life is based on a sustainable business model which is driven by regional development, social entrepreneurship and long-term community building. The School’s world-leading educational concept provides local and national governments and private organizations with the opportunity and the support to contribute to enhancing the future – to prepare children to be talented and entrepreneurial young people for socially and economically responsible leadership.

Join us to make a difference and set up a School for Life!

We offer you als means of support necessary for the successful set up and operation of a School for Life, including:

  • General Consultation
  • Individual Feasibility Study to adapt the School for Life concept to your regional demands
  • Project Management
  • Curriculum development according to the School for Life concept considering national curriculum, local characteristics, educational demand, centers of excellence and value-based education
  • Teacher training in the Situational Approach
  • Teaching resources (information and materials)
  • Didactic materials for children
  • Materials for intercultural education and materials for parental involvement;
  • Ongoing support and quality assurance
  • An architectural master plan for building design as well as interior design and implementation guidelines.

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